From the Fans 

From the hearts of all our Fans and what Truckers Tv means too them.  Here at Truckers TV we would not be what we are without you all watching. Thank you!

From Bobbi jo Eades

As a Fan and Supporter of Truckerstv, I would like to say how I first became a fan. A friend of mine Jj Yolanda Marie  posted Truckerstv on my page over 5 months ago. I clicked on it and saw Dennis V. Adams Jr.

Driving a semi. At first I didn't know what to expect. As I sat and watched I saw Jj chatting with others in a chat box. Alie, Hanes, Timmy, Jaynie, James, Paul, a few more. Then I heard Dennis mention a video he had on You Tube. So I went and watched it. I was inspired by his story how he had served 20 years in the Navy, got out and had a couple of jobs but they were not fulfilling, he started to become depressed. So he began driving Truck. He found this to be a calling and he set of on a Mission to get others who may have depression to join on. Now today there are 16 Drivers Dennis, Thomas, Tonka, Porkchop, David, Chris, Gary, and Mary Greg and Samantha, Jr,  Stu,  Mongo, Yolanda, Josie, Tasha, Dennis 2 Jerry.

There are also The Administrators, they are there to Help The Drivers and Us with Any Questions and Technical Issues we may have. They are

Arnie Tely Dennis Thomas  We also have a New Design Coordinator Daniel

I want to Say Thank You to All Of Our Truckers, You all do an Amazing Job and I Appreciate You Letting Me Ride Along with You. I've seen parts of America and Other Parts Of The World I Would Have Never Been Able to See. Also I have met people from all over the World which is totally awesome. We have all come to be Family. We know when You The Drivers Are Having An Off Day as Well As Each Of Us. Today, we watched Dennis drive through the snow, he made it clear that he in no way could look at our comments as Safety comes first. This is what we all want. With the upcoming winter months, please know We Will Be With You , biting our finger nails🤣😂and Praying. 🙏 Thank You Each and Everyone Of You For Making My Life and I'm sure Many others Fulfilled. Myself, I suffer from Depression and Truckerstv has Helped Me Tremendously. ♥️♥️♥️

Why I love TruckersTV...  From  Dawn Micki-Momma Smith 

Found TruckersTV and started following Dennis *Founder*, we talked about everything from when I used to drive in the 80s to his military career to driving to my son driving now. Then one day I told Dennis that my son was up in the west near him, turned out they were delivering to same place. Dennis took it upon himself to go find my son at the truck stop and chat with him, as we his family watched from the east coast. My family and my love and support for TruckersTV was sealed that day!!!

Fast forward , I introduced Tonka to TruckersTV, we all know and love Tonka... I get called "momma" in a couple clubs we're in together here on the east coast, so Tonka has always called me momma, funny some fans really think i am his momma, but I'm not !!! I love this guy, sweetest and meanest if need be. I know he has my six, my sons six on the road and he is uncle to my girls who come on the lives feeds to chat.. (Tiffanni and Destanni). Our families get together to hang and break bread everytime he gets home.

August 2020... I was co-organizer to a fundraiser for hurricane laura. Dennis donated a large amount and it made a huge difference being able to purchase so much more stuff we needed to send down from Va to Tx... I had everyone who donated sign the crates we sent stuff in... yes it read Dennis and TruckersTV

Dennis calls me, esp if he hasnt seen me around in a day or two scanning the feeds, but it meant so much when I was again into another round of chemo, wasnt on Facebook alot that week and my phone rings and to my surprise its Dennis and Tonka, just calling to send well wishes and love, even sent me pictures of them together!! Just to make me smile!!

I know we all have our reasons for liking/loving TruckersTV, all our reasons are heartfelt and its great seeing the world thru the windshield of a truck. I know you wont find people on the road who would help you if they could, protect you if needed, respectful , funniest stories and all around great people but you will with a trucker!! Even now, if I travel, even my kids, we stop only at truck stops, its in the blood.

I thank Dennis for being the big hearted bear he is, for starting TRUCKERSTV, For running with his dream of showing the world a day in life of a Trucker, now the amazing world of TruckersTV!!!

To all the drivers on TruckersTV, you are all amazing men and women!!!! Be blessed, stay safe and always travel mercies!!!

Make sure you tell everyone about TruckersTV!! Become a supporter, there are perks, hint hint.. Most of all, thank a trucker.. if you eating, wearing, sitting on , driving..anything its been on a truck one time or another!!



, Porkchop, Arnie, Tely, Gonzalo, Dennis #2, Stu, David, Mike, 777 and i know new drivers I havent met Thank you!!!

Love y'all

Dawn Micki-Momma Smith

Fan, Supporter & Admin


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